Grow Your Advocacy:  Advance Your Cause... While Improving Your Self-Care!
When you read the latest news... Or Anytime!
Go From Angry or Upset to Energized and Effective!
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Do You Know That Anytime You Feel Angry or Afraid...
Your Body Goes Into "Fight or Flight" Mode And It:
  •   Increases your blood pressure    
  •   Increases your blood sugar          
  •   Suppresses your immune system
The "Flip Your Fears Around" 
30-Minute Online Workshop...
Helps You:
  •  Get Out Of "Fight or Flight":  You'll feel confident and determined in minutes, which helps lower your blood pressure and blood sugar, and strengthens your immune system!
  •  Master This Simple Technique: You'll learn 4 simple steps you can use anytime, anywhere to feel better quickly!  
  •  Learn It All Online: Lessons are self-directed, so you can go through it at your own pace!
Lainey Frydrych created Grow Your Advocacy following the 2016 Presidential election.  
She wanted to get more people involved to "change the world for good".  

She didn't want to be angry, she wanted to be effective!  
And have more fun!  
And teach others how to do the same.  

She blended her expertise from a 27-year banking career and 7 years of vegan advocacy to create product offerings to help everyone "get growing"!
"I can read the news again!"
I would get so angry and upset reading the craziness in the news every day, that I just stopped!  Using these simple steps, I can go back to being informed, and simply flip unproductive emotions around right away!
Sofia, 31 - Sedona, AZ
"Helped me get through a break-up"
My previous boyfriend broke up with me right after our 10-day vacation.  I went from bawling my eyes out to feeling calm and relaxed in 10 minutes using this technique!  In about 3 days I was completely at peace and moving on!  I've had a great boyfriend for over a year now!
Chelsea, 34 - Bozeman, MT
"More powerful than affirmations!"
This Workshop helped me know when a thought in my head is true to my spiritual core.  It is like creating affirmations that get magnified and energized 100 times more!  Who would have thought that my fears were pointing me so effortlessly to my higher truths!
Ladhi, 35 - New York City, NY
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